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Christmas Reviews

  • Excellent

    Looks wonderful

    Reviewed on 29 Oct 2015
    Thank you for your feedback! It is most important to us!

    We are glad to hear you are happy with our products as services as we do ensure to keep all of our valued customers satisfied at all times!

    I hope you enjoy your new Classic Stick on Clothing Labels!

    Thanks again for the feedback :)

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    Stuck on You Customer Service
  • Excellent

    I think it needs to be clear on the site that the items are coming from australia and the time it takes to ship because of this. Also, the way you select the stories of the Christmas story books could be clearer. Otherwise, great products and I will be shopping again.

    Reviewed on 24 Feb 2015
    Thank you so much for your feedback about sending our international orders and for the selection of the Personalised Story Books, we will certainly consider this. We're glad to hear that you enjoyed your products.

    Thanks again for letting us know.

    Warm regards,
    Stuck on You Customer Service
  • Santa's Labels

    I order these for each of my children with a message from Santa himself - they are perfect for making presents from Santa look authentic (so I dont have to disguise my handwriting on tags!) And they are easy to use when I leave my gift wrapping until last minute!

    Reviewed on 21 Nov 2013
  • love the mug

    Great little thank you gift for kids teachers. :-)

    Reviewed on 20 Nov 2013
  • Santa letters

    Ordered again this year. My kids get a HUGE kick out of finding the bright red envelope from Santa in the mail.

    Reviewed on 20 Nov 2013
  • party bag toppers

    For my teenage daughter's birthday, we filled the bags with popcorn and treats for the movie. The kids loved it! Very cute product.

    Reviewed on 20 Nov 2013
  • Party Bag Toppers

    We're using these instead of Xmas Crackers for our family Xmas. We filled each bag with a photo, a question about the person next to them, fancy chocolates and a little trinket each. Gorgeous Christmas designs

    Reviewed on 20 Nov 2013
  • Xmas Gift Labels

    I just wanted you to know we love these! Love that there are new designs each year! Keep it up! :)

    Reviewed on 20 Nov 2013
  • Brilliant!!!!

    I purchased a personalised christmas book last year for my daughter and she LOVED it! Seeing her name throughout the book was such a highlight, i can't wait to add to her collection this year with new stories. Great keepsake, beautifully made.

    Reviewed on 14 Nov 2013
  • Easy to order

    I hate writing out the same details again and again on invites. I have used these for birthday parties and I am so happy that there are Christmas Invites this year. I love that you can print the name of the guest on each invite! The last one is perfect for my theme this year also!

    Reviewed on 06 Nov 2013