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Labels for kids made by Stuck on You®. Shop today for quality labels and enjoy FREE Shipping*

Labels made by Stuck on You ® have been trusted by parents for 20 years and proudly made locally.

The original label company for kids, at Stuck on You ® we ensure that we source the highest quality materials from all over the world so that our labels stay stuck.

Labels face a lot of wear and tear which is why our adhesive is the best available and remains sticky in the dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and dryer depending on the label requirements.

The main focus of Stuck on You ® and the factor that separates us from our competitors is quality. Our label material is the very best we can source and custom made for us to deliver durability, sharp clear text, bold designs and vibrant colour for your labels.  

Our labels also have an additional scratch resistant coating. This means that the labels maintain their colour, sharpness and vibrancy over repeated use without scratching, fading or smudging. As our Labels stick and stay stuck t on your belongings looking as bright and bold as the day you bought them. 

Using our product previewer makes ordering your labels easier than ever before. Select your labels from our range and add your child’s name. Then have fun choosing colours, designs, fonts and optional icons to create your very own personalised labels before you buy online. Your labels and personalsied products will appear exactly as they have displayed for you on our website. Take your time selecting colours and fonts and designing your very own Name Labels. 

Not just for kids or school, Stuck on You ® also have a selection of labels with more simple designs. You can choose a white background with clear, plain text in a range of colours. These are often preferred by older kids, parents and people in retirement homes and are made from the same quality materials as the entire Stuck on You ® Labels collection.

Take a look at the huge range of labels throughout the Stuck on You ® website, you will find top tips on ways to use or select your labels plus a few fun facts along the way. 

Are you unsure which labels are best for you? Our huge range of Labels can be a little overwhelming, so here's a rough guide: 

- Preschool aged kids might like our Penny Scallan or Kids Designer Labels range for their cute shapes and fun designs. 
- School kids might like our Classic range, they can choose their colous and add an icon to personalise their labels online. 
- High school or older primary school kids usually like a more mature label, try our Basic Labels or they might prefer the Classic Small Labels. 
- Looking for Labels for grown-ups? Try our Basic Labels, they are a white label with your choice of text colour and font. 

Our team is more than happy to advise you on what labels might best suit your needs, simply email us via the contact form.

For quality school labels trust the original Stuck on You® the coolest kids labels and personalised gifts.


Labels Reviews

  • You can never have too many books! by Maree Kiefer on 26 Sep 2013

    Perfect for keeping track of our daughter's growing collection of gorgeous books. She has quite a library already, and loves every one of them. This way we keep them all safe and sound as we have them in every room of the house and even the car!

    Unique, great labels that stand out by Gemma Westacott Blair on 26 Sep 2013

    Love these! We have the birds for my daughter and they're great. Have lasted much better on her drink bottles and lunch boxes than other brands. And they look different to other labels, so make it more obvious which lunchbox and drink bottles stand out in the childcare fridge. Great, would definitely recommend.

  • Just Gorgeous! by Sarah on 18 Nov 2013

    Hi Stuck on You. Labels arrived today and they're gorgeous. Thank you so much.

    Excellent by Margaret on 23 Feb 2014

    Great Size, Excellent & Long lasting product.Like the designs.

  • love a classic by Pip on 25 Sep 2013

    I have purchase these labels for all my three children. As a tupperware seller i wouldn't have my kids lunchboxes, drink bottles and sandwich keepers looking nothing but the best. We also love the colour ranges, it makes it easier to spot which lunchbox belongs to whom. Thanks :)

    Love these by Loz O'Rourke on 26 Sep 2013

    Love these they are stylish enough for all my daughters items

  • Love them! by Laura Geshay Sundberg on 25 Sep 2013

    The designs are so cute and these labels are very easy to apply. After several washes, the labels are still stuck tight to the clothing and the colors and pictures have not faded. Definitely will purchase again!

    Great quality by Melissa on 09 Jan 2014

    These labels are great, in pairs of colours to make pairing socks easier and the labels stretch with the fabric. Love them!

  • Best invention ever! by Sue on 23 Nov 2013

    I have been using Stuck On You labels for years and love them

    Whimsical by Eryn Duffy on 26 Sep 2013

    Such a lovely range of name labels that are whimsical in style and so very kid like in nature! My boys are truck mad and that label just fits the bill!!